EARN MONEY: Write and mine cryptocurrency! We are paying per post, per threads and more!

Welcome to the Bitcoin Candy community and forum! We're excited to announce that we're now offering real cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Candy (CDY), as a reward for your activity on the forum. This means that you can earn CDY simply by participating and posting on the forum, making it a fun and rewarding way to spend your time.

  • Pay per post: +30 CDY ( 90 CDY at least up to New Year)
  • Pay per thread: +30 CDY ( 90 CDY at least up to New Year)
  • Registration bonus: 50-70 CDY (depending on luck)
  • Pay per new member invite: 500 CDY (note: this is not yet implemented)
Daily activity reward
You will get 10-30 CDY randomly by visiting the forum each 24 hrs!

Passive income
You can also earn passive income through likes and replies to your threads:
  • 3 CDY per like on your posts
  • 3 CDY per reply to your threads
What is Bitcoin Candy [CDY] that you pay as reward?
What is Bitcoin Candy (CDY)? It's a true proof-of-work (PoW) community coin that's GPU-minable and has a long history dating back to 2017. It has a strict maximum total supply, which means that you're receiving these coins from the CDY dev funds, not creating them out of thin air. CDY has a light wallet for easy withdrawals and is traded on two exchanges.

What it is so important to write GOOD posts and threads ?
Quality posts and a positive atmosphere will attract more members to the community, which will lead to increased popularity and value for CDY. Plus, good posts will earn more likes and passive income for you.

Contest rules
  • Rewards and rules may be adjusted at any time based on market conditions. Any changes will be announced.
  • Quality posts may be eligible for double or triple rewards at withdrawal time.
  • Short posts will not be rewarded.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 CDY (around 20-30 threads/posts). Requests for withdrawal should be made in the designated thread.
  • Coins for inviting new members will be added to balance only for active referrals (around 10-15 posts).
What is Bitcoin Candy (CDY) as reward?
True PoW coin. Reward paid from dev funds, not from the air. Supply is limited. Read more:

Good luck and welcome to our new community forum,
@BitcoinCandy & @BitcoinBookmarks
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I tried on faucet server. But no luck. How to get started?
You're logging into this blog daily gives you a number of CDY daily. You should already see a balance at the top of the screen building up (see my screenshot). Everyday you login, you'll see a notification about an amount awarded. Also when you post replies, receive likes and/or post new blogs, you'll receive CDY for each.


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New rates.
  • Pay per post: 100 CDY
  • Pay per thread: 300 CDY
Don't shit post or payment can be rejected.
You can discuss any interesting crypto news or crypto related things