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Bitcoin Candy
Community driven coin!


Bitcoin Candy
is the first hardfork of Bitcoin Cash and still only one friendly to Bitcoin Cash Community! Announced at August 1, 2017, forked at height 512666 (1 Feb, 2018 year), survived in crypto winter. The original BCH holders received 1000 CDY for every BCH held. Now overtaken and running by Bitcoin Candy Community!

(check our telegram and discord for actual news)

- COMMUNITY DRIVEN COIN - Bitcoin Candy is now completely community driven coin. This means that it give as more decentralization and independent community members working on Candy success. We listen to our community.
- TRUE POW COIN We are still true PoW crypto coin without broken consensus for years (as many other coins didn't follow there promises in hard crypto winter as they created coins from thin air, forked to masternodes etc.).

- 14/01/2022 Bitcoin Candy featured at Bitcoin Sites Bookmarks as promisive coin !.
- 01/01/2022 Bitcoin Candy listed at new exchange ! Happy trading!.
- 16/12/2021 Redistribution/decentralization of trust between trusted community members. Some trusted community members receive part of extra collected coins from pool to hold. Read more at Candy discord and telegram.
- 12/12/2021 New daemon release with Candy pool protected community plan
- 31/07/2021 NEW EXCHANGE CDY two new pair at satoex LTC and SATO
- 28/07/2021 NEW EXCHANGE CDY added to new exchange with 2 pairs to DOGE / BTC
- 12/07/2021 NEW EXCHANGE And last, but not least news: now we listed at new exchange EXBITRON ( with 3 pairs to DOGE / USDT / BCH


Discord - (new, please join)
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Bitcointalk (old thread, not official, started by scammer) -
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Write&Mine CDY -

CDY Mining by writing - EARN FOR POSTING

Now, you can mine Bitcoin Candy without GPU card. Read more:


Exchange -
Exchange -
XeggeX - (DOGE and USDT pairs)

Other good sides

- Proof-Of-Work only! Accumulating the work and value! 8)
- No segwit, no RBF
- Fast block interval adjusted to two minutes
- Lower threshold Total supply adjusted to 21 billion
- Equihash(GPU) PoW algorithm
- Community driven

Why forked from BCH, can BTC holders get free CDY?
On August 1, 2017, Bitcoin community finally ended its years-long expansion war by splitting the original bitcoin into two chains, Bitcoin cash (BCH) and segwit Bitcoin (inheriting BTC ticker). We think BCH is more in line with Satoshi Nakamoto's vision of bitcoin "a peer-to-peer electronic cash system" and will have a brighter future.
Only who hold BCH at height 512666(about January 13 ) can get free CDY at the rate of 1BCH : 1000CDY.

What is the total supply of CDY?
CDY have a total supply of 21 billion.

How to claim my free CDY?
To get free CDY, you need to hold Bitcoin Cash before height 512666 (about January 13).
If your BCH is stored in a wallet where you control private key yourself, you was definitely get free CDY. Just claim.
There are a lot of news since last post:
Bitcoin Candy listed at Gemlink Light Wallet, Vidullum light wallet and tip bot!
Added bitcoin candy games to discord
@inakm, Yes, but what amount exactly reasonable to pay in CDY per new invited active member on the forum? By "active" I mean member who will do some actions (e.g. post something or so)
@Zonbie, If you are asking about the "post & earn CDY" promotion on this forum, then the payments for this promotion are made from the dev funds. It's important to note that CDY is a limited currency and we do not create new Candy for rewards out of thin air (we collect them at the pool as dev funds). The amount of CDY we will pay for messages on this forum will change over time, and currently the rewards are set at a higher rate due to the Christmas promotion which offers triple the usual rewards. However, it's worth noting that these rewards may decrease in the future.