This is deserve to watch.
Full Documentary about Bitcoin, the block size debate, Blockstream and the scalability issue.

However, there are a few misconceptions:
1. — Fungibility. It was not mentioned but it's paramount in order to have a censorship-resistant network. If your funds have a history your transaction can be censored. Since most crypto are an open ledger, it's like having a bank account and everyone can see how much you own. A currency must be fungible in order to gain mass adoption.
2. — Privacy. This subject is intimately related to the first, since an open ledger does not have sufficient privacy to be used. No one wants to have his/her funds and who (also where) you transact with exposed. Transactions can still occur freely, but that doesn't stop governments from putting you in jail or from a possessive and stalker ex to know where/how you spend your money.

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