What Crypto Algorithm does Bitcoin Candy use??


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Hey everyone,

I figured this post would be helpful because I actually had to look it up myself... Bitcoin Candy (CDY) uses the Equihash 144_55 PoW algorithm.

Equihash 144_5
is a PoW mining algorithm, also known as Zhash. The most popular coin that uses this algorithm is Bitcoin Gold, as well as BitcoinZ. BTG switched to Equihash 144_5 on block 536200 on July 3, 2018. The reason for the switch was pretty common to protect GPU owners from ASIC invasion. So far there are no ASIC devices on Equihash 144_5.

This means, that any mining software that is compatible with Equihash 144_5 (and consequently BTG) also will work for CDY! It is also useful when calculating mining yields on specific hardware.

This makes life much easier when trying to work with CDY :).

Hope somebody finds that helpful! 🍭

Hello, thank you for your substitution! Maybe it will be useful for someone :) But this board not only limited to CDY, you can ask questions or share any information about any coins or cryptocurrency tools/sites/ecosystem etc.