There are no need for new blockchains? I think we still need, and you?


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Hello guys.
Thats my first post here. I'm a little bit shy but let's go.
First of all, everyday I like more the comunity of Bitcoin Candy. You look like a family guys, sincerely.

That said. I heard that statement more than once in the internet. (and read too).
"We dont need new blockchains , we have enough."
Well I believe that every blockchain is a second option for another blockchain. For example, I like to use polygon, if the polygon network just goes offline I have a lot of option to still making my transactions.
So I think that If having a plan b is always good, having a plan abc.....z is even better. For me its a simple logic.

And you, what do you think about this subject?
According to one theory, at some stage, a race for electricity may begin among mineable blockchains. This implies that one of the blockchains will take over all the miners and electricity.

But I'm not a fan of this theory because people will always choose and support other blockchains they like or where they invested their money.
Also, if we look at the real world, people never invest in just one asset (metal, shares, or currency). We always have choices.
So, as you said, there's nothing bad about having different blockchains.

But here's another interesting thing that I like about CDY, by the way...

CDY is an old blockchain.

In the real world, people also prefer and value some old antique things more. A 5-cent antique coin can cost $100 or $1000, right?
Can this happen to virtual currencies? I think, why not?
One day, people can start collecting old coins in old blockchains and value them more than new ones only because of this.
Think about it :)