The end of H3M crew event, and big thanks to H3M for hosting

The end of the H3M sprint crew3 event is around the corner. And it ends in about 30 minutes from now. This event was a fun, competitive event that I'm happy to have experienced. All the quests that this Crew event offered were easy and fun to do as well. I really enjoyed looking at the weekly quests that other members had made for the week. Especially with all the funny memes that were created by the H3M community. And even chatting with the members that participated in this event was fun. I am happy to say that I really enjoyed the time I spent with this community. Because all the members were amazing during this event. And a big thanks to H3M for hosting this amazing event. And hopefully H3M does another Crew event soon because I'm really going to miss all the weekly memes and competition between the top leaderboard members.

And for those who don't know about H3M. H3M is a crypto that's currently worth about 10 cents. And it's main focus is on working on AR. And the crew3 event was an event that had daily, one time quests, and weekly quests available for the people participating to do. The daily quests give a little less XP than the one time quests do, but they are way simpler to do. Meanwhile the weekly quests take a little more time to finish, but also gives way for XP. Completing these quests and getting XP even has rewards for the top 20 on the sprint leaderboard. With 1st place getting rewarded 250 hmmm, 2nd with 200 hmmm, 3rd with 150 hmmm, 4th with 100 hmmm, 5th with 75 hmmm, 6-10 with 30 hmmm each, 11-20 with 15 hmmm each.

I currently ended up in top 3. And I hope to see all of you soon in the next H3M crew3 event. And once again a big thanks to the entire H3M staff and community for making this event possible.

Question: Will any of you be interested in joining if H3M hosts another Crew event?