The Advantages of Bitcoin Candy's Wide Distribution


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Bitcoin Candy is a cryptocurrency that has a number of advantages when it comes to coin distribution. One of the main challenges for any new cryptocurrency is ensuring a fair distribution of coins. Bitcoin tackled this issue by introducing mining, while Etherium gained popularity through its initial coin offering (ICO). However, many ICOs have been accused of being scams.
In contrast, Bitcoin Candy has a well-distributed coin supply. As a old (2017 year) fork of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, CDY was automatically distributed to all holders of BTC and BCH. In addition, the cryptocurrency has continued to focus on distribution through mining, tips, giveaways, online games (in discord), and army tasks, as well as through user activity and daily visits on the Candy forum.

Overall, the wide distribution of Bitcoin Candy, combined with its ongoing efforts to increase and improve distribution, make it a strong choice for those looking for a good and fairly distributed cryptocurrency.