Teach me how to trade cryoptocurrency or give me some trade tips


I wish someone wouldbteach me how to trade, would love tobbe able to earn enough to get out of this shitty situation uve been stuck in for way too long now, if anyone has any solid advice, im all ears.
Thank You
@zate01, buy low, sell high. Always trade only for max 30% from your own trade portfolio so if you will lose, you will not lose everything. And keep your trade portfolio parts on different exchanges for the same reasons.
Is there any videos links maybe. People might laugh at this but I’m kind of in special department 🤣 I’m more of a visual learner hands on type of person. I’ll read and 💨 it went.
I get that, thrres actually alot of traders that stream on YouTube that are traders
But there are a lot of, well, let's say fake people doing those videos.
I think a good advice is to look at what they are doing and how they are doing it, but do not necessarily buy the same coins as they do or as they tell you to.

Also you can use some no kyc exchanges to test trading with a little money, like a few $ or even just cents. Do this a few times before investing/trading the already said max. of aorund 30% of your portfolio. And always consider the fees. And think about a target price well before you buy/sell. Good luck. Have fun.

Oh and it can be important to not have paper hands. After getting a feeling for the coins you trade, you might hodl through a bearish time instead of selling low.
Yes i agree there are alot of fake traders or whatever there, a good place to learn is on wax
Lots of different coins that are all fairly cheap