Someone has idea whats going to happen with crypto services?

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are the digital form of a government-issued currency that isn't pegged to a physical commodity. They are issued by central banks, whose role is to support financial services for a nation's government and its commercial-banking system, set monetary policy, and issue currency.
They are trying to implement CBDCs and the only way to do that is to kill crypto so they’ll do as much regulation and crack downs as possible to achieve this goal of implementing CBDCs. We will also see direct government attacks on the blockchain infrastructure, nodes, mining vectors also.
First thing is the easiest, attack exchanges and so forth with the justice system. Citing securities and other violations. Once they take down the exchanges, they’ll move on to the DEX vector, DeFi, try to close it up as much as possible.
Then there are some attacks that can be done to bitcoin if you have a state sponsored attacker with immense resources. USA is dumping their bitcoin reserves (saying it’s from Silk Road)
Remember that they have so much control of the media and influence into public opinion.