should you start mining in 2022 and how can you start


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Lets say you just want to GPU mine as a hobbie and to get something out of the photovoltaic you have on your roof. Should you start mining?

How do you start?

What should you mine?

How to set up a rig

Etc. You get the point.

Would be nice if someone could help me answer those questions since i have the feeling that its ki da pointles to start now tbh. But thats why there are ppl. On the internet for right?

A bit of everything really but that was my plan before the merge. I am new to crypto as a whole and I don’t know what’s going to be profitable and what isn’t so my plan is to mine some good of smaller coins that I like and that can be mined easily and store them on a thumb drive. Then after just mine what’s most profitable.
GPUs looks like a bad idea to start mining right now prices will go down more on them after the ETH merge.

Could get get them for next to free but if they can't make anything is there a point unless you really wanna support a project.

Things are gonna get bad.