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Really like the free speech banner on the home page.. SO MANY communities are ran like the soup restaurant on Sienfield.. It's sad actually.. Oraybe I'm still salty over getting booted from a few when I started learning about crypto. . And social media ..
@Zonbie,I'm glad you appreciate the free speech banner. I agree that many communities are not conducive to open and respectful discussions, and it's unfortunate when people are banned or excluded simply for trying to learn and engage with the community. In regards to free speech, I believe it's important to allow for reasonable discussions and criticisms, as long as they are not simply attacks on any cryptocurrency without valid arguments. It's important to foster an environment where people feel comfortable expressing their opinions and asking questions, even if they may differ from the mainstream viewpoint.
Agreed and very well put! Cant let people being negitive cause they are just negitive people but have to be able to complain about something when it did you wrong or you just don't like it for a valid reason. Or controversial and you believe your point to be valid. Got to censor the str8 haters.. That just is what it is.. ..I look forward to watching the community grow!! :) thanks for your well thought reply
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