REFERRAL REWARDS. Invite people to the forum and get more coins.


Staff member
You can now earn CDY rewards for inviting people to join the forum.

Here's how it works: You'll receive 600 CDY for each referral who joins through your unique link and posts at least 2 messages.
You can find you unique link here:

Tips and guidelines:

  • Share your referral link wherever you can. Whether it's on your profiles, social networks, Twitter, or other sites, or simply by persuading others to join our community forum to discuss cryptocurrencies.
  • Your referral will receive a registration bonus of 100 CDY upon joining.

Please, let's keep it fair. All payments are made manually, and I will carefully review your referrals before processing payments. For participants in the invite contest, the minimum payment is 3000 CDY, with a withdrawal hold in place to prevent any potential cheating.
Does CDY is a cryptocurrency that you could trade on Uniswap or Pancakeswap or similar platforms? Or it has a real monetary value versus a real crypto currency or Binance Pay?