My testing of the Exchanges


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I have now tested all 4 Exchanges listed in the #links section. Out of the 4, XeggeX was by far the easiest and fastest (In My Opinion). What I did was take 100 DOGE from my Coinbase account and sent 25 DOGE to each one. Then did the swap to CDY. I chose DOGE because all 4 of them had that and it wasn't something I had to buy because I already had some. Was testing ease of use, fees, time it took to do the swap, etc.

Here is an example of what i was doing:
On 12/27/2023, 2:00:04 PM - CDY dropped to 0.0001932 from 12/24/2023, 2:08:24 PM 0.0002491
At this point I did the BUY BUY BUY - swapped all 25 DOGE to CDY.
Then came the waiting game, I sat of it for a bit.
On 12/29/2023, 3:33:12 AM, i jumped back up to 0.0001957I wasn't happy, had a goal to wait till 0.0002 at least.
THEN, on 12/29/2023, 3:45:52 AM, it jumped back up to 0.0002339
At this point I did the SELL SELL SELL - swapped all the CDY back to DOGE
Since I was eager to get this test over. I didn't wait for it to go back down to much, just under 0.0002, but to my surprise, it went even lower
On 12/29/2023, 11:15:34 AM - CDY dropped to 0.0001902 (lower than my original swap)
Yup, you got it, BUY BUY BUY - and swapped all the DOGE back to CDY.

You can do the math.......... it's not Scrooge McDuck Rich, BUT, it was a profit.
SO, by playing that game, and mining at the same time, I've only been doing this since the about the 24th. Joined the 15th and took me a bit to learn the ropes so to speak.

After all that testing, then testing out different wallets, I settled on a single wallet which I feel is more secure...... and that is the Bitcoin Candy Core Wallet. And here is what it looks like today. Only 5 days later. It shows a few deposits on the right, not the best return in the world, but then again, I'm using old GPU's that were just laying around, and electricity is free, so it's all profit and I am in no hurry at my age.

true that :) im having so much fun, found an old Lanovo laptop i haven't used in years and was thinking about running it, BUT, it don't even have a gpu :) heheheh.. like a think pad or something. oh well :) Small thing only has like 1gb left for storage