My Last Encounter with Bitcoin BTC: Lessons Learned from Losing My Money

Yesterday, a customer reached out to me regarding an account upgrade on my website. Typically, I exclusively use the BCH network to receive funds for such cases. However, the customer informed me that they only possessed Bitcoin (BTC) and couldn't send BCH. To prioritize excellent customer service, I made the decision to accept BTC and arranged for it to be received at an exchange address for a quick conversion to BCH. Coinex seemed like the ideal platform for this purpose.

Before proceeding with the transaction, I diligently checked the prevailing average BTC fee to ensure the customer's ability to send the payment. Unfortunately, I overlooked an important detail — the minimum deposit limit on Coinex. Although the payment amount wasn't small (around $15-20) enough to worry about deposit limits on other networks like BCH, I failed to consider this aspect with BTC shitcoin.

To provide some context, I hadn't utilized Bitcoin BTC for quite some time, which led to my negligence regarding such a significant deposit threshold associated with this BTC shitcoin. I want to convey that anyone, even a novice, can fall to the pitfalls of this cryptshitcoin and experience the same feelings of regret and frustration. It truly feels like stepping on a pile of excrement.