Lightning Network and how it works


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LN is an abomination.

1.) To use it in a self-custodial way, the user would need to run a node server and also a lightning node and lock funds up in it. Most users don't even want to run a normal bitcoin node, hence the popularity of spv wallets, which do not require the download of the full blockchain.

2.) LN's incentive structure does not make any sense. the BTC-LN cabal envisions few high fee on-chain transactions, and smaller transactions carried out on LN. As LN fees can't be high, ask yourself how would it make sense? LN is a parasitic non-solution to an artificially created problem. There is little to no incentive in locking up and risking funds on LN.

3.) LN does not work well on a crippled chain, which was proven when LN nodes had to cease operations when the underlying main net got clogged.

4.) it is overcomplicated and still suffers from routing issues which will never be solved

5.) To exit/enter LN it requires a high fee main net tx,

Overall, LN represents everything that Bitcoin was invented to overcome (centralization and friction).

Be aware, that Bitcoin maximalists will explain how things are supposed to work in LN, but if you point out any of the glaring obvious flaws to them in Bitcoin Maxi community (like, you have to already have money in your channel in order to receive money in your channel, for one), expect to be fought and/or banned.

Be very aware of the abuse of terminology. For example, they call LN "trustless" but it's not that, it's reduced trust, but not trustless. These sort of exaggerations and blatant misrepresentations positively abound when discussing LN. I would argue that blatant misrepresentations of fact are the only reason LN exists (read the first few pages of the LN white paper for more examples).
Lightning network basically is on the layer 2 and makes your transactions even faster than the onchain txs also with minimal fees so its good to send a small amount of btc
I am using my Muun wallet to receive funds from Bitcoin Lighting Network for generating invoices. After that, I could exchange to a trust wallet using Fixed Float Io. You need just to scan the invoice and the rest is handled.
@KimNoSubstitute, you could lowest deposit method is Xeggex platform. The deposit is from 10 satoshis if you need low transactions for example to dogecoin or polygon or zcash the fee is neglectable. There are other platforms like binance or kucoin however fee to other currencies is higher like binance min 2000 satoshis or kucoin min 1000 satoshis to TRX. The only drawback of Xeggex it doesn't involve TON COIN. There is ff but it is always outside service or in maintenance or for example coinplaza it but lower method is litecoin on this platform.