How to mine new coins before launch??

If you are looking to join community tokens then keep watch for any other community activity that involves presale . Mostly presale tokens are sent personally or listed on personal websites , but susi swap has a market place for pre listers. Also there on dex screener you can always watch out new tokens which are always a scam token where as soon as you invest the price never comes back it returns back only after you sell , or there are many scams on new tokens. So stick to the old ones and help the community grow . . When the network to trade on is fast and cheap with less gas fees people will do shift jump .
Each coin has its own mining algorithm and specific mining software used to mine it. Some coins require different equipment for mining, such as storage, RAM, GPU cards, CPUs, or ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits). It's important to note that you cannot mine a coin before its launch; mining is only possible after the coin has been launched and made available for mining.
acc ко мне, вам нужен скрипт для майнинга или что-то в этом роде, когда у вас есть это, вставьте его в программное обеспечение для майнинга, а затем оно будет добывать монеты для вас, поправьте меня, если я ошибаюсь
can you reveal the topic of mining, let's say I bought a mining machine, and what's next?
as far as I understand, there is nothing complicated there, as already written above: you need a script for mining or something like that, when you have it, insert it into the mining software, and then it will mine coins for you, you only need to get the script from a reliable source
is there any information where to find these scripts?
Each coin requires different hardware and a piece of software to mine it. Typically, this information can be found on the coin's website. Alternatively, you might see that a coin, for example, utilizes Equihash or Kawpow algorithm. This indicates which miner software supports it. You would then make some adjustments to connect this software to the coin pool and mine to your wallet.

If it's cryptonight also you know that you need xmrig to mine it
If it's some equihash (like CDY), you know that you need miniZ or gminer