How much do you need to stop worrying about money?


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I've lost the source article I'm getting this from, but I read something back around 2016/17 that said that at about $5 million net worth is when people consider themselves wealthy because that's generally the point where you can stop worrying about expenses in your day to day life. When people talk about financial freedom I always assume that that's the point they're thinking of, when they don't have to worry about money anymore.

How much do you need to stop worrying?
The mentioned 5 million from a few years ago was the amount you needed to have back than that - if invested correctly - would continuously generate enough passive income to cover your living expenses. I suspect that the sum would have to be significantly higher nowadays.

Of course, you could also just spend the 5 million and also wouldn't have to worry about money anymore - if you are not buying a house or a Lamborghini everyday. But generally, the point is to get enough passive income to live large. Which is exactly what the high net worth individuals are doing: all of their living expenses are covered by passive income, while every time they shell out money above this amount it's for investment and not for spending, only buying things that at least keep their value or increase it.