How I Coped With Losing My Entire Portfolio to Celsius Network Bankruptcy

The story of greed and crypto investments to take interest:

A lot of people lost everything. My whole portfolio was in a Celsius earn account and one day they froze withdrawals and that was that.

The portfolio I had built up for years was swept away from me more or less. Thousands of people lost thousands of dollars. I have pretty much given up hope on those coins returning and yet I feel ok.

Since it happened a lot of people fall into this depression, psychosis, rage, and despair. I never thought it was that deep. I lost a lot of money. But I can’t do anything to change the outcome.

Why should I lose sleep over something I literally cannot fix. When it happened I was frustrated for about and day and then realized ok fine, time to start new.

I am young and I have time let’s start from scratch. And so here I am rebuilding my portfolio piece by piece. DCA by DCA.

I think always taking up hobbies can distract you from trying times as well. Much like beating drug addiction the best way is to replace the thoughts with a hobby. I hang with friends or workout or rock climb to distract myself from constant bad news which is easy to find nowadays.

It’s not the end of the world it’s just money and it can be rebuilt. It’s unfortunate but not the end of the line. To anyone else who lost it all take it from me losing your mind over it won’t help you get your money up.
It's pretty funny how every single Celsius mark was just a humble, good-intentioned soul who got rooked by a team of lying swindling scumbags, as opposed to being the greedy, impossible return-seeking crypto millionaire wannabee they actually were.

And it always merits pointing out the fact that in reality, the only money they actually lost was whatever their initial "investment" was, in real money, because regardless of what the spinning numbers on the app might have said, that was only hypothetical money all along. Some drip who dropped $1000 on some crypto that was later supposedly "worth" 12K didn't lose 12K, they lost $1000.