H3M - crypto event

H3M (HMMM) is hosting a Crew event with rewards. Only the top 20 participants get rewarded, but its simple and worth giving it a try. You simply climb the leaderboards by doing simple quests. These quests start by joining there discord, following there socials, and even liking and replying to there posts. There is even a quest for creating a meme! These quests are fun and rewarding. With up to 1000 Hmmm in rewards. And each Hmmm is worth about $0.1 usd.
How to participate:
1. Join the H3M Crew (link provided below)
2. Link your discord account with Crew
3. Add your binance address for the rewards (located in your account settings)
4. Start doing quests for XP
Event ends in 18 days, March 9 2023

Quest Information:
Daily quests: each day these quests are available to claim. By just visiting the H3M website and going onto the H3M Crew event website you complete 2 quests.

1 time quests: these quests you can only claim once but they are easy to do to get XP. There are twitter quests, youtube quests, tiktok quests and discord quests that you can do.

Weekly quests: these quests refresh weekly, but these quests give the most XP per quest. By simply making a meme, video or writing an article. You have to post these items on social media. And each quest has a set of instructions for the XP.

But if you don't win this event, H3M might host another Crew event. So you might have a good chance of winning in the next event if you start grinding from day 1. And even if you don't want to participate in the crew event, overall H3M is a great community to explore.

Check out H3M's work:
website: https://hmmm.exchange/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hmmm_exchange
Discord: https://discord.gg/DxyXNH4AGJ (please use my link to show some support)

H3M Crew (join H3M's crew using my link to help me with my journey): https://crew3.xyz/c/h3m/invite/LHmk8erMMI6jm1g6y4FAQ

Best of luck to all the users that decide to compete in the H3M event. And I hope that I'll see you there.


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