Gameplay earning on crypto game : Old men, is our girlfriend still alive?


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She and I are in the same university, she loves to shoot Tiktok, she has a cheerful personality, very lively and cute. I like her very much. The first time I saw her, I met him in a dream. If you don’t like the content of the dream, I won’t talk about it. I often show her photos to my friends and ask them who is this beauty? Isn’t it super good-looking? They always tease me and tell me that if I like it, I will have sex. Of course I also want to, but the more I like the person, the less I dare to contact her. I am such a person. At the end of last year, I posted a post on Facebook, yo, I happened to see her replying to me with a like, I took the opportunity to chat with her, from gossip to games, then to relationship history and back to games, yes, that’s right, We all love to play games. Oddly enough, what often brings two people closer together can also be the cause of a breakup. That night I invited her to play the LOL mobile game together. I played the game very well, and she praised me repeatedly for my wonderful performance in the game. For the next three days, we played games together. I took her to the top, chatted with her, and learned about each other's hobbies, interests, etc. During the period, it can be said that we were like glue, and we had to chat for a long time every day. On December 14th, I asked her to watch a Marvel movie. When I saw her at the subway station, she was as good-looking as the photo. At this moment, how I wish I was the heroine of an action movie I have seen before, And she is the heroine, the scene in the dream suddenly hit me, I could only forcefully suppress my impulse, but she didn't notice anything strange about me. When watching a movie, I pretended to be asleep and leaned my head quietly on her shoulder. I clearly remember everything that happened that day, the location where we watched the movie, the barbecue we ate together, the milk tea I bought for her...It's over After all the entertainment activities, I sent her back. We had to take a taxi for 30 yuan and we just walked back.When I asked her to play the game the next day, she said that she was playing a crypto game , and she could make money every day, 5U a day. In fact, I was not very interested in the game she mentioned, and she didn’t know about it. At this moment, I only have her sweet smile, her graceful figure, and her supple skin in my heart. Young girls always make people think about it, and I am no exception. I listened to her introducing the game, but I didn't listen to anything. I responded to her with a smile and chatted for a long time. Afterwards, we went on a few more dates, and walked the road we talked about a few more times. It was still the same impulsive feeling that night, and the nervous throbbing when we first met. Finally, this time I sent her off. I grabbed her hand on the last road, and my heartbeat seemed to miss a beat at that moment. Guess what, she didn’t refuse. At that time, my mood was like the happy feeling of Bitcoin rising from 4,000 to 30,000. I don't know if ironies can understand, can they? After returning to the dormitory, they quickly confirmed their relationship through video calls. You know, a life of sexual happiness is about to begin.
Finally, we are together. You don’t like to hear about the shameless and impetuous life. I will omit 10,000 words here. In short, she is beautiful and I am very happy. But a happy life is always short-lived. After being together for a long time, I always feel that something is missing. There is no previous impulse, nor the happiness of the first time.
It's strange to say that what often makes two people feel closer is also likely to be the cause of breakup. Then something happened, let us never go back to the past
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