Five Trading Lessons that 99% of Traders Lose Money Without Knowing



5 Trading Lessons that 99% of Traders Lose Money Without Knowing​

1) Blaming the Market for Your Losses Won't Help​

Belief that institutions are some kind of evil that's after your stops is a bad idea.Retail is hardly 5% of the total. The market is simply looking for fair value.

Take responsibility, stop blaming the market.

2) A trading strategy (TS) should fit your lifestyle/mentality, not the other way around.​

Types of trades, timeframes, assets, volumes of trades should depend on your lifestyle. If you work 10 hours at a factory, then it makes no sense to trade scalping at night, it is better to be an investor and open deals once a week.

3) If you don't enjoy trading after a year or two, it's not for you​

. You can't be good at something you don't like, even after spending years on it. Life is long, choose other professions that make you happy.

I have been losing money for a long time, but I have always enjoyed trading.

4) Trading is very profitable, but very slow​

Everyone wants to earn a million dollars for 1-2 trades after spending 15 minutes on it. This is real, but for this you need to monitor the markets for years, improve the TS, keep a log of transactions and study new tools.

5) If you don't constantly adapt, use new information, you will fail.​

Markets are very fast learners. What is innovative today will be common knowledge tomorrow. Your "tems" and tricky ways to beat the market will not exist for long.

Be prepared to lose your advantage and gain another.
Almost all limits in our lives are based on 3 things and trading does not disappear:

1. Love.
You must love what you are doing. Dislike for a conscious cause threatens with burnout!

2. Discipline.
90% of trading success depends on the strategy that you have adjusted for yourself!

3. Statistics.
You must control the numbers!

Everyone wants to trade profitably, but not everyone can do it. And who understands: either he is simply lazy, or he considers the rules important.