Discover DatReward, (Earn, Cashout, But all on discord)


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Hi everyone, I am MisterCroissant, the creator of DatReward,
DatReward is a "Task-Reward" discord server, unlike other Task-Reward that works with a Website.

DatReward is a good place for :

Users : Earn cryptocurrency and cashout starts at 0.0075$, and the only thing you need, is a Discord account*

Advertisers : Start advertising anything** for as low as 0.0075$, fill a form on Discord, and share your project, referral link, or anything else ! Users get rewarded by completing the tasks you tell them to do !

You can also earn with Multiple events every 1 or 2 weeks, get Datoshis (100 Datoshis = 0.01 US$) by :

Doing Tasks and Surveys with our partners : Our partners are TimeWall and CPX Research, aka the best method for Tasks and Surveys.
Collecting Drops : At least every week, a drop of more than 50 Datoshis appears.
Getting tipped : With our discord bot, you can tip anyone in the server even if they didn't registered
Welcoming new users : Be the first one to say "Welcome" by pressing a button and win 20 Datoshis
Gambling : Gambling is bad BUT you can still use /gamble to have a chance to double your Datoshis [Chance of 45%]

And that's all I have to say, the only last thing I am gonna say is...