Cryptocurrency price theory and manipulations


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I have through about price manipulation of altcoins....
Is there any proof of this taking place or some theory's behind it? I find it hard to believe the price is still this low for most of good altrcoins and stuff like shib and doge have a larger market cap then other good altcoins.

One thing I have noticed is on a lot of exchanges if you look at sell orders and market depth someone is opening large fake sale orders that is making the market depth chart look way off like there is a ton more selling pressure then what is really taking place. These orders only open for a few seconds and then close and open again clearly a bot. This is the same for a lot of coins but not stuff like BTC or ETH.

So why is the price so damn low for altcoins?
The best thing we can do against manipulation is to buy coins and take them off exchanges and not lend then out.

The whole market is a farce currently.

Thank the operators of the USDT scheme and brainless, fomo driven speculators.