Crypto left me lonely

Wow thanks for the welcome bonus I'm really just recently learning about all this crypto stuff. So I must admit im absolutely fascinated and curious about what crypto would look like In 10 years from now. Crypto has became my main interest lately. Now I dont know much about crypto but I haven't stopped learning or studying about it since someone sent me a link to a crypto platform. And for being a girly girl like me who can keep up with the convo when the cryrpto nerds at my school start talking about the price of Solana and a bearish market. shows that i'm way more than a pretty face I wanna be crypto rich. So my question is what are some of the best ways to begin investing in crypto with only $250????
Hello and welcome! Nice to see you there! About welcome bonus, you will get CDY crypto for posting here and for other activity. more info here. Feel free to ask any questions and create new threads

Regarding the issue of investment in cryptocurrency if you only have 250 dollars. You should always remember that it's very easy to lose everything in crypto but this doesn't mean you shouldn't try. The first thing I can recommend: diversification. Don't invest everything you plan into one asset. It will be better for you to invest in different cryptocurrencies and stretch investments over time. Learn how to do your own research about coins and keep in mind that current market is irrational.

In fact, now is not the worst time to start buying crypto as the market already down a lot. But with a very high degree of probability, it can go down more. At least that's what I expect from the market.
Anyone pretending to know anything is lying.

The only thing you can do is safely buy what you can afford (no spending all savings leave some emergency cash, no taking loans to buy it, etc) and DCA the purchases.

Worst case scenario: everything with Bitcoin fails, your life moves forward the same as it always has.

Best case scenario: Bitcoin takes off, becomes a wildly accepted currency, it’s value skyrockets, what you were able to buy becomes very valuable and prepares you for the future of the peer to peer payment world free of globalists bankers.