Crypto is all gambling, not investing


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An idiot at my last job read books about horse racetrack 'strategy' and referred to it as his retirement plan. His wife paid all his bills in exchange for being on dumb ass's medical policy. Dude also had a sizeable inheritance and house with a big goddamned swimming pool, the access to which required him holding down a job. Year after year, he bitched to the boss that he hated working in a warehouse with the rest of us, was going to quit after winning millions of dollars and then went to lose $1-2K over each weekend. Once this clown won $10k, then 'reinvested' over a week. After losing all of it, he literally refused the rest of us for a month. His delusions of being a high roller were always a source of deep lulz. A lot of crypto bros reminded me this guy a bit.
All of this in crupto is making me realize that an entire generation of inheritance wealth that ended up in idiotic hands is probably being gobbled up by scammers, con-artists, and thieves.