Coinbase Exec Accuses Binance Of Crypto Price Manipulation


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Another Red Flag about Binance

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, was criticized for its opaque proof of reserves issued by the auditing firm Mazars, which led to the firm ending its cooperation with the exchange. However, recent criticism of Binance has decreased and the exchange has been out of the spotlight as other companies have become the focus of the crypto industry's attention. However, Conor Grogan, Head of Product Business Operations at Coinbase, recently made new accusations against Binance, claiming that there is a "pattern of Binance front-running over 18+ months" and citing specific examples of Binance-connected wallets buying and selling assets immediately before and after they were listed on the exchange. Grogan suggests that the front-running may be caused by an insider with access to nonpublic information or a trader finding a leak in an API or test exchange. Regulators and law enforcement agencies are likely to investigate these allegations.


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Yea binance will be the next big "scandal" .. in my opinion not giving financial advice lmao.. All I know is I don't hold bnb. Closest I've come other than to have enough for gas is being in a cake pool.