Censorship everywhere. Privacy in crypto is becoming paramount!


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All explained at screenshot.

“I've removed all crypto-related code I've written from GitHub (about 7 years worth of contributions to the space) and will no longer be contributing code to the space under my real name. All future code contributions

What next?
Next up KYC (Know Your Coder) laws for open source projects.

So, they fear the government (or the big powers behind it) and they think that having a twitter account in a different name is Ok?

A lawyer here stated just a couple of months ago as a matter of fact that people breaking the law and hiding behind an "anonymous" twitter account will be surprised at how its really not anonymous.

Point is; do your threat assessment. You afraid of people kidnapping your kid because you have 500 million dollars, absolutely be anonymous and never even reveal your city or state.
If, on the other hand, you are planning to run from the government. Especially the US government while living in the US, then these measures they mention are pointless.
will happen via a pseudonym.”
Unless you have perfect opsec, using a pesudonym isn't going to protect you from an overbearing government though. The real crypto winter has yet to kick off. Wait for the strangle hold by the gov to really settle in.
I'm just generally going to shift towards anon contributions in general, because it is clear that the US Government is hostile af to this space, and as a US Citizen that's really scary.

I've also spun up an alt twitter account and will only use this one if I want to leverage my reputation for something (which I'll try to keep to a minimum).

We're clearly at the "and then they fight you" part of all this.

I intend to stick around for the "and then you win" part.

But between now and then, I'm going to go to ground with any crypto involvement.