Candy faucet

@Vipe, any feedbacl about the forum, Should we increase rewards? I'm thinking about this, but the problem that people begin spamming... We can pay more for quality posts, but not for spam. Not sure how to solve this.
That's a hard question. I think you'd need some form of quality measurement, because the current mechanism really does rewards spam, and I am surprised that it's not already being abused tbh.

But it's not easy to implement a solid automatic system for post quality, and doing it by hand would be too daunting if the forum ever becomes very active.
@Vipe, it's abused time to time, but cleaned. I make a rule that will review posts before payments, but it's hard for me to reject...
mate the forum is good but you need to add some quality measures that could avoid spamming, one of them could be a cooldown for earning more cdy, also u can increase the amount of text size required to avoid spam