Board Rules


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  • no spam, no scam.
  • do not post shitty links if it's possible to copy&paste content here
  • do not promote, self-promote your services everywhere. Use special forum or thread for that. If you are unsure, better ask stuff first
  • no pic sharing of chi*ds or under***ge. Do not upload them
  • title of the topic should be informative and reflect the core problem as clearly as possible.
  • avoid "digital noise". Do not post short, meaningless messages(buil-in reaction if you have nothing to say).
  • report unwanted conten (use report button)
The board is POST moderated and content on the board published by the users. It is impossible for moderators to track all content generated by all our users. To keep our board clean from unwanted, forbidden content we request our users report about rules violations and give our moderators time to take the action.