Bittrex Review - Is Bittrex exchange Scam or safe / legit?

Bittrex is well-know scam exchange that close user accounts, request KYC documents and it never possible to validate your account not metter what documets you will send to scammers.

100% BITTREX SCAM! AVOID! Bittrex scam there customers since 2017 year.​

Bittrex is the most fraudulent exchange right now, do not send your funds. They have stolen a lot of customers funds.​

Links yo other scam reports about Bittrex at the web:​

Some user reviews, opinions and feedback about Bittrex exchange:​

After being a loyal customer for years, they flagged a transaction and closed my account with NO warning. I disputed it, they asked for various photos and other documents which I provided. They then said they were terminating my client relationship. I had trades in and this caused me great financial loss by being unable to access my funds. Two months later and they ask me to provide refund addresses. I am not waiting on my funds and receive this: Your locale is no longer supported by Bittrex and your account has been disabled.
Almost a month ago my account on bittrex was blocked. In the support ticket #1232567 they asked me about the source of funds. I tried to deal with their support patiently and gave them all the information, tons of documents' scans were made. All those documents are on review for more than 2 weeks already with absolutely no result! And of course they give no estimates on how long it will take. Their support simply ignores me.

I’m in mining business for a long-long time. And it's the first time I'm in such a situation. Bittrex just holds my money: I can’t withdraw it, I can do nothing with it. And I must say it’s about $50000 worth of funds.

I’ve read a lot of similar stories here on reddit. It seems Bittrex just don’t care about their users. And I’m starting to believe they just want to rob me this way. That’s not a way to treat your customers.

So if anyone can give any advice, I’ll greatly appreciate it. Please upvote and share this post if you can. I guess it's the only way to draw Bittrex attention to my problem!
In May 2022 the platform requested me to upload my drivers license again. Its system keeps rejecting it because it claims it is blurred which the license is not. Zendesk says it will not accept any other form of ID but a valid state DL. I need to remove my tokens on the exchange and need to download my transactions for tax year 2022. Zendesk says there is nothing they can do. I have been using this exchange since 2017.
Don't use bittrex.

I made a deposit of aprox 10K USD in crypto and because of their technical problems the deposit didn't get credited as usual.

Now they tell me that they have to manually check it and that it could take a month or more and this if it finally gets credited, maybe I "lose" my coins, they don't assure me that it will be credited even having blockchain tx id proof.WTF

This is unacceptable, avoid this exchange at all costs.
You all want to know the truth about the 13/08/2017 theft of the peoples wallets it was an inside job made from employee from bittrex and we shall take bittrex to court because that day that employer become millionaire yes millionaire from accounts of peoples bittrex funds that bustard got away with it cause bittrex since he didn't stole their funds they didn't initiate any investigations infact they didn't admit accounts misuse or that inside job was carried out they infact blocked all accounts of those who had money stolen so they do not hear from them what a nasty thing to do after someone got his hard earned cash taken away from him..... yes it was an inside job for sure and I saw official posts from bittrex respond on social media and say that the information is false and no account was touched it's a lie lie lie the truth is that after my account was stolen all money from .I tried and sent many emails and tried anything and they always never speak to me then they blocked all those accounts our accounts was blocked so they don't hear more from us I went mad and got into depression all those money away stolen cried and was very very upset and bittrex gave a fuck about us
Bittrex BLOCKED my account. Ask verification. It is completed already. But they didn't unlock account! What to do? Did they just steal my money?
I'm having a similar problem for the past 2 weeks. They randomly asked for verification even though I'm already verified and blocked my account until I do it again. I tried but it just doesn't work. Their system says I've exceeded the maximum number of verification attempts and to contact support. I have contacted support and the first time they told me their verification system is broken but didn't unlock my account! The next time they said that they reset the verification for me and to try again but its still stuck on too many attempts. I've just been blocked out of my account for no reason with support unable to do anything. It's the most ridiculous situation I've ever encountered.
I believe there has been a security breach in Bittrex.

I've been trading with Bittrex for years and through blood sweat. tears and market crashes I managed to trade up to 1BTC.

I logged in on 4 July 2021 to check the status of the market and thought I would wait and hold my 1 BTC through for the next few months.
To my surprise when I logged in on the 6th August 2021, my 1 BTC was gone. (images attached)

Upon investigating, I saw that no withdrawals were made from my account but there have been multiple trades of Bittrex only crypto. (see images below). This individual that somehow made these trades on my account without logging in, created BUY/SELL order volume of £700,000 for ABYSS until my BTC amounted to 0.

How is it possible that these trades were made on my account while no one was logged in?
Is this an inside job or security breach?

I've contacted Bittrex support and after speaking to multiple support agents, I've been told to sit and wait while they "investigate".

Is there anything else I can do?

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Feel free to post your Bittrex reviews, feedback and opinions. If you was scammed by Bittrex please post your review to warn other people to avoid this exchange​

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Bittrex is a good exchange, but it's certainly not the best, not a swap and the minimum fees for trades and withdrawals are high. However, Bitrex is not SCAM.
@Pluto2023 There are a lot... a lot of users feedbacks where they claim that they lose money on Bittrex after bittrex account blocking scam...
To be honest, I have experienced this myself. The only good thing is that I didn't lose much.
@Pluto2023, Yes, I was lazy to install wallets myself... I used Bittrex as the wallet for some small altcoins and I mine directly into it & hold them. Therefore, my account could not arouse any suspicion, but one day I found it blocked
In the crypto world lately, its almost impossible not to fall victim of all the various scams out there and its really thoughtful that initiatives about scam companies like this are set up to rescue people from these crooks. In addition, I would also recommend a licensed fraud analyst who had helped me out in recovering my funds sometimes last year, Dr Suzanne (Saren55 on telegram), she was able to make use of adequate proofs that i provided to enforce this recovery and I was able to get back my loss. Anyways, it was not an easy task but most importantly she got the job done.