Bitcoin Vs BitcoinZ Overview


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1. BitcoinZ is a unique blockchain with its own genesis block. It is not a chain fork of Bitcoin.
2. BitcoinZ is faster than Bitcoin, with near-zero transaction fees, and it has all the features of Bitcoin.
3. Decentralization: Like Bitcoin, BitcoinZ operates on a decentralized network, meaning it is not controlled by any single entity.
4. Community-driven: Similar to Bitcoin, BitcoinZ is maintained and developed by a community of volunteers and contributors.
5. Limited supply: BitcoinZ has a maximum supply cap of 21 billion coins, similar to Bitcoin's cap of 21 million coins.
6. Open-source: BitcoinZ's codebase is open-source, allowing anyone to review and contribute to its development.
7. Security: BitcoinZ employs cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and ensure the integrity of the network.

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