bc.game rugged me? bcgame possible scam


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A little warning about bc.game, one of the biggest crypto gambling sites around. I had an account there, but one day when I visited the site I was not able to log in.

bc game restricted area.png

Apparantly they don't operate in my country anymore. That's fine.

So, I sent an e-mail to the support address that I have highlighted in the screenshot, asking to have my balance back.

The answer? Crickets. They have not responded, it's been two days already.

Don't trust these guys with your crypto.
They actually got back, and told me to try the link hash.game instead. I have no clue why that works. Why then display a "your area not supported" message on bc.game? Strange...
I asked the support about something else and they were like, no, we don't deal with these issues in e-mail, contact the chat on site. Like, thanks for being so helpful, not.