arguments of those who are against cryctorurrencies and why they are not true


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When you buy crypto, you haven't traded one monetary system for another.​

We haven't traded one for another, because one of them, fiat currencies, is no longer a working system whatsoever. Evidenced by the insane inflationary tides of recent times.

It is as much of a system as taking a shit in a hole and covering it with dirt is a "Sanitary system". I mean, in the lack of any other sense of a system, it qualifies as a system, but only as long as you don't shit where you also eat.

Zero Intrinsic Value​

What is the intrinsic value in fiat currency? The metal its made out of is cheaper than Pepsi's aluminum, and the paper ones are too dirty to even use as toilet paper.

You mean its value which stems from TRUST in army-backed governments promising that they will pillage other countries and make food available for you to buy using those monopoly pieces of paper? THAT intrinsic value?

Isn't that TRUST? How is that any different from someone trusting that cryptocurrency is HERE TO STAY, WHETHER DINOSAURS LIKE IT OR NOT? Isn't that a better trust equation than the one dependent on endless wars and usury?

There is no authority to protect the integrity of Bitcoin.​

You mean that same authority which just stole over 30% of your purchasing power in the span of a year? You want THAT authority to exist in Bitcoin?

Your fiat idiotic system has existed for DECADES now, then you aging idiots still lose 30% of your purchasing power to such a system, and then point at the volatility of a 10 year old new financial revolution, and make fun of that volatility?

You had DECADES to fix that idiotic system, but it seems your "authority" protecting the "integrity" of your monopoly papers literally likes to fondle your fellow-sheep, yet you continue wanting them authority all over your integrity. Stockholm syndrome much?

Having no authority in Bitcoin is a FEATURE, not a bug. Get that through your old skulls.

Not your fiat, not your value.​

You mean before or after last year's 30% (and counting) purchasing power haircut? Which value exactly? Only idiot gamblers and Ape boys measure Crypto value in terms of fiat value. Crypto value stems from preventing your "authority" forcing a purchasing power haircut on everyone then crashing the economy trying to fix that (hint: They won't be able to.)
It's easy to build a straw-man and scream at it, but value in Crypto is NOT from fiat, whether you like it or not.

Don't measure the value of your crypto in euros or dollars or actual fiat.

We don't, only idiots who misunderstand Crypto and are in it for the gamble do that. Watch this presentation to understand that for most everyone in Crypto, they DON'T have much fiat to begin with, ignoramus.

Guaranteed by powerful central institutions​

Guaranteed to lose 30% purchasing power in one year? Guaranteed to have lost over 90% purchasing power in 40 years? Wow, such an amazing guarantee. The only thing these institutions can guarantee is that they will continue to wage wars you haven't voted on and you didn't pay taxes towards, instead, it was printed right out of your hands into the hands of warlords.

Those powerful institutions feed on sheep and idiots like you dinosaurs FIRST. If you idiots didn't exist and didn't feed the beast, those institutions would have had to ban and confiscate gold all over again, but you just make their lives easier.

If you manage to cash them back to fiat.​

Only degenerate gamblers are in crypto for that purpose, and the larger gamble is actually to leave money in fiat anyway, since we have seen that the longest lived fiat currency in history so far is the USD, and it's being challenged as we speak.

So by extrapolating, you fiat fan-boys ARE degenerate gamblers. Watch the presentation linked above to understand why most of everyone in Crypto wouldn't want to cash out to your monopoly tokens anyway, idiots.

You guys that are so confident your crypto will continue to maintain value​

Every single metric that matters to Crypto, from technical ones [Uptime, hash-rate protecting the network, number of nodes, etc], to non-technical value-add metrics such as number of decentralized exchanges, number and sophistication of autonomous contracts, number of wallets and users, to others, are ALL UP across the complete industry.

You probably mean fiat value again which is hilariously ignorant of the facts? So yes, all empirical evidence points to that those who are confident in Crypto should continue to be confident, while dinosaurs cry at builders leaving them behind in the dust and chaos of jungle.

There are no such precedents in the crypto world.​

You want things faster, build them. But since we all know you are all expired dinosaurs who can't understand technology, you will probably just be a laggard leech who just waits for others to build. But worry not, sit back and watch, as governments and politicians are voted out of fiats and into Crypto, one by one.

In the world of decentralization, there are no guarantees.​

We'll take no guarantees over guaranteed hair-cuts and eventual complete systemic failures [Lebanon says hello] ANY DAY.

Your guarantees are the same reason you've been had and most dinosaurs can't retire now. So you can keep your guarantees, we'll go fully decentralized and unstoppable, thank you.

And you keep losing money, just like the OP has. And we keep laughing.​

For anyone who cares about crypto more than fiat, a bear market is a blessing. But I am sure it is hard for a fiat-slave to get that, so that's the only point you can argue.

Laugh all you want, but wise people, way wiser than you evidently will ever be, once said "He who laughs last laughs longest". So just make sure you don't give yourself an aneurysm, laughing so hard at something you really fail to understand.


If it's not a Psyop [Murder by ridicule] that those Buttcoiners are, they're just absolutely hilariously terrible at understanding the whole shtick behind Crypto. They run after the NFT moon-boys, drug dealers and other degenerate gamblers enabled by crypto pointing at the industry as a whole, like an idiot pointing at a getaway car on a highway and screaming "The highway's a scam!".

As the saying goes: The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.

Just make sure you catch up and are not left holding a bag of [insert your trusted institution's fiat here], like the peru, russia, zaire, hungary, germany, zimbabwe, greece, venezuela, angola, ukraine, turkey, georgia, brazil, argentia, romania, lebanon dinasours did the past few decades, and every other day.