AR - Augmented reality

H3M (HMMM) is a crypto that's currently worth about 10 cents a piece, with a goal to bring “AR space at your fingertips.” They’re planning to do this with the Portals App, which will be a location-based augmented reality app that will help many people connect with others. This will also offer a place where entrepreneurs will have a new source of revenue by creating a dimension with competitive commerce. With the plan to combine augmented reality experiences, NFT trading, gaming and virtual real estate in the real world. And since today’s blockchain has a lot of stolen artwork everywhere, H3M is planning to implement security features that will give verified and trusted creators the tools to publish and launch their own branded worlds. These “verified creators” will have to show originality, fidelity, and project fulfillment in the work that they have created. With this app users will be able to create their own unique games with the rules that they choose and desire. Now let me talk a little bit about Virtual real estate, there will be a Virtual marketplace where you can buy land with the Portals App. And with this land you’ll be able to sell, rent, trade, or even lease this piece of land. With this Virtual Market place, users will be able to “browse pre-built augmented reality experiences, purchase 3D models, animated videos, objects and soundscapes to enhance their property and make it easy for anyone to launch an experience.” With this Portals App, H3M plans to help over 200 million verified creators publish content from anywhere in the world. Overall, the H3M Portal App seems to have a bright future, especially since their app will be an innovative and user-friendly mobile application that will bring Augmented reality (AR) all over the world. Which will help users experience a new dimension “where worlds collide.”

More information about H3M and it’s projects can be found at:

What do you guys think about Augmented reality (AR) or even Virtual reality (VR)? Do you guys think that its a good idea to use AR or VR? replay your thoughts below.