After more than 7 YEARS, it’s fair to say that Lightning Network is a failed project


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I wish they simply hadn’t tried to sell LN to everyone as THE scaling solution for Bitcoin. It’s a scaling solution that may be genuinely useful for some use cases. However, what’s clear (and should have been clear from the time of the LN white paper to anyone who gave it thought) is that it’s not practical for everyone to use for every transaction in a decentralized, trustless manner. And that’s especially true when L1 is severely choked by artificially limited capacity constraints. BTC ignored all this for years, censored and banned criticism, and have now married themselves to this system that simply isn’t fit for purpose. It’s sad to see, but given how aggressive they were and are about silencing any criticism of this direction, I don’t feel bad for them.

I bet 90% of people are only buying BTC because they expect it to go up in price.
JUST IN: Twitter announces they are discontinuing the #Bitcoin lightning tip feature after usage fails to surpass $8500 TOTAL volume. Twitter to replace it with “coin tips” which transacts fiat instead of BTC.

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