1 ETH giveaway from CoinMarketCap!

In honor of the imminent transition of Ethereum to POS, CMC decided to play 1 ETH ($1700). The conditions are simple, you should try your luck!

How to take part?
1) Follow the link - coinmarketcap.com/events/eth-merge
2) Scroll down the page and find the draw.
3) Share your thoughts on Twitter and CMC and take the test.

1) 0%
2) Every 12 seconds
3) ~10%
4) 1,2,3
5) ~4.1
6) After The Shanghai Upgrade
7) 32 ETH
8) 1,2,3
9) Ropsten, Sepolia, Goerli
10) Surge, Verge, Purge, Splurge

P.S. After you click "Submit" scroll down, do the captcha, the click "Submit form" (again)!

I recommend to take part, although there are many participants. I advise you to write a good post on your Twitter and CMC, as this will play a role in choosing the winner.

The end of the draw is September 15th.